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What Is Limmer Coin?

Limmer Coin is a platform that helps traders from around the world to identify and aim for trading opportunities suited to their trading needs. The journey on the platform begins when the trader signs up and connects with an account manager that listens to their trading needs and help them create a trading plan accordingly.

If you are interested in signing up on the platform, it will take you no more than a few minutes to be up and ready for live trading. With a deposit that could be as small as $250, you can get started in the world of Bitcoin trading and pick from a variety of Bitcoin trading pairs based on your trading preferences.

Limmer Coin prepares you to learn and hopefully be a smart trader by bringing at your disposal the best trading educational resources. You can learn at your own pace when you learn through eBooks and videos, and incorporate this knowledge when you trade live. The trading education suits all types of traders, new and experienced.

Beginning your trading journey shouldn’t be a challenge because the platform accommodates you in every possible way, even when it comes to depositing funds. To activate your account, you will have to make an initial deposit, which you can send through many channels. You can go with a credit or debit card option for instant transfers or use bank wire transfer too.

Limmer Coin
Limmer Coin

Through Limmer Coin, you will be trading on many crypto trading assets. In other words, your single trading account will land you in many financial markets so you can diversify your trading portfolio however you prefer. The good news is that you can try and take advantage of market-competitive spreads and generous leverages to hopefully amplify your trading outcomes.

Never put your money on the line again unless you know what you are doing. Limmer Coin gives you the opportunity to trade using the demo account so you can test your trading concepts and strategies before you implement them in the live trading world. Use fake money on fake trades when you trade through the demo account and get a feel of the live trading world.

Last but not least, Limmer Coin will make your trading process a convenience by taking away the hassle of watching the market at all times. You will be pointed to the trading opportunities that meet your preferences best and within a few clicks, you will be able to take your trading decisions.

Is Bitcoin Trading Still Relevant?

Cryptocurrencies were relevant from day one but it only took people to realize how important they were to the modern economy of the world. Many people thought in the beginning that crypto coins were only a fad, but they were proven wrong later on. This market has been around for more than 10 years now and more cryptocurrencies are being added to the list on a daily basis.

The ups and downs are part and parcel to any financial market in the world. In fact, it’s the volatility of the cryptocurrency market that makes so many people interested in it.

Why Is Bitcoin So Resilient?

If you stay in touch with the market updates and online communities that discuss cryptocurrencies, you will notice that they all admire Bitcoin for its resilience. If you look at the technology that other cryptocurrencies use, you would prefer them for being efficient and faster. However, you still have more people trading in Bitcoin than any other crypto asset. Why?

How can this digital currency be so resilient after so many years? Let’s take a look at all the reasons.

Its Limited Supply

One of the things that happen with many other assets when their market starts to dwindle is that traders start to sell them as soon as possible. You start seeing a flurry of selling trades taking place, especially by those traders who are still new to the market and can’t afford to lose money at all.

They are instantly looking for another asset that could help them at least preserve the capital they have. In the case of Bitcoin, they can’t find another asset that has the qualities of this cryptocurrency. The first thing that keeps them from jumping ship is the rarity of Bitcoin.

It takes a lot of courage for someone to decide to quit Bitcoin and go for another asset. They just can’t find another crypto asset or any other asset on the market that’s as rare and precious as Bitcoin. They also know that Bitcoin remains quite valuable despite going down in price.

So, due to its rarity and indispensability, Bitcoin is difficult for people to abandon. They continue to hold on to this rare crypto asset and this helps the market recover in the long run no matter how much it goes down.

Limmer Coin
Limmer Coin

Its Decentralized Nature

Yet another point that plays in the favor of Bitcoin is its decentralized nature. Of course, this particular feature is associated with any other digital currency in the world, but it is true that there are some cryptocurrencies that haven’t won people’s trust as much as Bitcoin.

For example, many people still question if Ripple is really a decentralized cryptocurrency. However, there is no such question on the integrity of Bitcoin and that’s what makes this digital currency so special in the eyes of so many traders in the world.

The modern user is very sensitive about sharing their privacy online. These users understand that their information means more to cybercriminals than their money. For this reason, they want to hold on to the currency that gives them hope of their anonymity. They don’t want to let go of Bitcoin and it is not that easy to convince them to take this decision.

Its Demand Is Increasing

Before an asset collapses, the major players that are holding it up have to be removed. A few traders changing route and trading in a different asset wouldn’t affect the price or value of Bitcoin. The problem with a lot of cryptocurrencies is that most of the traders who have bought them are new traders with not a lot of influence.

On the other hand, when you talk about Bitcoin, it has been accepted by not only individuals but also institutions. You have so many big companies that can now directly or indirectly accept Bitcoin from you, including but not limited to Amazon, Microsoft, Burger King, AT&T, etc.

When you have such big corporations holding on to an asset, you get support in two ways. Firstly, they are not going to respond so fast to the market and lose the gold mine they have in their hands. Secondly, these big companies holding on to Bitcoin serve as a confidence booster for small traders.

Limmer Coin
Limmer Coin

Its Unquestionable Reputation

There is no doubt that the price of Bitcoin has dipped and soared many times in the past. That’s exactly the reason why so many people aren’t quick to take action when the price of Bitcoin goes down. With other cryptocurrencies, they are very quick to react and sell the asset in the market.

If you look at the price chart of Bitcoin from the day it started, you will notice that pattern many times. For example, it soared high in 2017 and people thought at that point that Bitcoin had peaked. It then came down significantly in 2019. It stabilized in 2020 and then started showing an upward trend in 2021.

It then climbed to its all-time-high price yet again. Came down in the middle of 2021 and then went back up. Toward the end of 2021, Bitcoin had reached a value of more than $68,000 before going down gradually through 2022 to around 16,000$ So, this pattern has been repeating for quite some time and it gives people belief in Bitcoin.

How You Will Trade on Limmer Coin

Once you sign up on Limmer Coin and connect with an account manager, you will go through a typical trading procedure. It will take some time for you to have a grip on trading but very soon you will find yourself equipped with all the knowledge that helps traders trade consistently.

Here is what the trading journey for you would look like when you are on Limmer Coin.

Limmer Coin

Account Opening

The first step for you will be to open your account for trading and activate it. You will be filling out a form to give your personal identification details and contact information. You will agree to the terms of service set forth by Limmer Coin, submit the form, click on the link you receive in email, and verify your account.

You will then activate your account by making the minimum deposit. At this point, you are in the position to trade live, but that’s not what you want to do.

Setting Trading Parameters

The first thing you want to do before you begin trading on the platform is to discuss your trades needs with your account manager. Tell them the Bitcoin trading pairs you are most interested in, the risk that you are prepared to take and your long-term trading plan.

Here, it is important for you to know that your account manager will not be trading on your behalf. Their main job is to pick the most appropriate trading pairs per the parameters you have defined. You are still in control of your trading decisions and your trading portfolio as a whole. The account manager is there as a guide, not to execute orders on your behalf.

Limmer Coin

Limmer Coin

Learning How to Trade

The most important part of any crypto trader’s career is to learn how to trade. You can’t rely on basic knowledge to trade successfully. Instead, you will have to learn how markets work, what cryptocurrencies are, what type of trading strategies exist, and how you can use different types of trading tools to help you with your trading decisions.

You can use eBooks and videos to learn these trading concepts. What makes videos and eBooks suitable for this type of learning is that you can learn at the speed that you prefer.

Limmer Coin will also allow you to use the demo account to practice whatever you have learned in the training. The demo account looks like the live trading environment and provides you with fake money to enter fake trades. It’s a great way for you to test how well you have understood the markets.

Taking Trading Decisions

You will get plenty of help in the form of trading tools when you use Limmer Coin. You will be able to see market insights, receive the latest updates from financial markets, and even get trading signals. The charts on your trading platform are advanced with some level of interaction.

You can view them however you want. You can also choose your favorite assets’ list so you never lose sight of the crypto assets that best suit your trading goals. Define the type of trader you want to be and trade on what you prefer.

Limmer Coin


Are there cryptocurrencies that are not decentralized?

All of the cryptocurrencies are decentralized because that’s their foundation. There are some cryptocurrencies that work on a model that might make them appear as centralized, but they are still decentralized. For example, Ripple may seem centralized to many but it’s still a decentralized crypto.

Can I get my Bitcoins back after losing them?

It depends on how you lose them? If you lose them because the exchange you used for storing them got hacked, there is a chance of getting them back. However, if you lose your private key, you can’t get back your Bitcoins.

Does a trading platform offer me leverages?

In a typical scenario, the trading platform only acts as a bridge between you and the broker. The leverages you get on your trades or the spreads associated with each asset are all dependent on your broker. The trading fees, trading conditions, and the trading assets available to you all depend on the broker that you are connected with after signing up on the platform.

What is meant by web-based Bitcoin trading?

You can trade Bitcoin on a mobile device or through a PC. A web-based platform is one that you use on the website through your browser. In other words, you have to open the browser and the website of your broker to use the platform and thus it is called a web-based platform. It is not locally installed on your computer or smartphone.

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